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3 Things You Should Look for in a Verona Memory Care Facility’s Staffing Policies

3 Things You Should Look for in a Verona Memory Care Facility’s Staffing Policies — In order to be a highly regarded Verona memory care facility, it requires the right people working together for the betterment of all residents. As one of the top memory care facilities in Verona, Park Vista: The Legacy at Noel Manor takes great pride in having a staff that treats all residents with care and compassion.

Our staff is highly trained in all areas of memory care, such as Alzheimer’s care and dementia care in Verona. We know that this is a difficult time for any resident who requires memory care; the same is true for their beloved friends and family members.

Our memory care residents are very important to us, which is why it is critical to have the proper staffing policies in place. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the standard staffing policies that you should expect from your Verona memory care facility. This will ensure that your loved one receives the care and treatment they deserve.

#1 Staffing Ratios for Memory Care Facilities in Verona

Maintaining the proper staff-to-resident ratio is a key component to a high-quality assisted living facility. Proper staffing is especially critical for any facility that specializes in memory care, like dementia care or Alzheimer’s care in Verona. Memory care is far more intensive than typical long-term care, which means that more staff are required per resident.

Some of the best your Verona memory care facilities have a 1:3 staff to resident ratio. So, there should be at least 10 trained memory care workers for every 30 residents. This ensures proper staffing coverage throughout the facility and the highest quality care.

Verona Memory Care

#2 Taking a Deeper Look at Your Memory Care Facility’s Staffing Numbers

At some facilities, the staffing numbers given to families might show the ratio as 1:3, but this may include the entire staff. Employees such as custodians and maintenance workers should not be included in that number. If you are searching for memory care in Verona, make sure the staffing numbers presented to you are for memory care specialists only.

#3 Staffing Coverage During All Hours

Another important item to consider regarding staffing coverage is how well they are staffed during all hours of the day and night. Many facilities may suggest that they offer a 1:3 ratio of staff to residents, but this may only be during the day.

It is important to do some research and find out what their staffing ratio is during the late evening, overnight, and early morning hours. Even though residents will primarily be sleeping during this time, it is still important that Verona memory care facilities provide ample coverage during all hours.

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The Legacy at Noel Manor, a Premier Verona Memory Care Facility

If you have a loved one who is in need of memory care in Verona, The Legacy at Noel Manor is here to help. We provide a caring and nurturing environment for your loved one so that they receive the best possible assistance and treatment. Our staff is highly trained to provide the necessary care for your loved one. We specialize in Alzheimer’s care and dementia care, while using the most highly effective memory care methods.

To find out more about our facility or to explore some of our other Park Vista locations, give us a call today at (608) 729-9001 or contact us online for more information.