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Helping Patients Eat More: Advice from a Verona Dementia Care Facility

A dementia diagnosis for a loved one can be extremely difficult to process. Dementia will impact you, your loved one, your family, and everyone in your inner circle. Here at Park Vista–The Legacy at Noel Manor, a leading Verona dementia Care facility, we know the challenges that will be coming to your loved one as this debilitating disease begins to spread. That’s why we offer kind and compassionate care for your loved one during their time at our facility.

One of the obstacles your loved one may encounter as dementia begins to set in is nutrition. Individuals who are diagnosed with dementia often eat much less than they used to. This is primarily due to medical issues, problems chewing, or complications with digestion.

However, our Verona memory care specialists have found that there are effective ways to help dementia patients eat more often. Here are a few tips on how to do so:

Food Arrangement Matters

If someone with dementia refuses to eat what’s in front of them, it could be because the food does not look visually appealing. At Park Vista–The Legacy at Noel Manor, our team specializes in dementia care in Verona and suggests the following steps to see if it helps improve the individual’s eating habits.

  • Add more color to the plate – A small fruit salad or mixed vegetables with bright colors can be more visually stimulating to individuals who have been diagnosed with dementia.
  • Reduce the quantity of food – Less food and fewer individual items can sometimes be more appealing.
  • Cut up meat into bite-sized pieces – Later stages of dementia can cause difficulties with chewing and swallowing. Small pieces are more likely to be eaten; they can be chewed, swallowed, and digested more easily.
Verona Dementia Care

Offer Smaller, Healthier Foods Throughout the Day

There’s not much of a difference between eating two large meals in a day or several small snacks, as long as the end quantity is the same. Knowing this, there shouldn’t be pressure put on someone with dementia to eat full meals at a time.

If they wish to eat a full meal, that’s great! But, if they want to have several snacks throughout the day, that will get the job done. Verona dementia care specialists suggest finding a pattern that works best for everyone as long as it still provides the necessary nutritional values.

Foods That Don’t Require Utensils

Those who specialize in dementia care in Verona know that eating becomes very challenging as dementia sets in. We mentioned that chewing and swallowing can become difficult; the same goes for using eating utensils. Many Verona Alzheimer’s care and dementia care facilities offer finger foods so that utensils don’t have to be used. Popular options include fruits, nuts, bite-sized portions of meat, and small vegetables.

Verona Dementia Care

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