Dementia Care in Verona

Hot Weather and its Effect on Those Who Suffer from Dementia

Park Vista – The Legacy at Noel Manor is one of the top facilities for dementia care in Verona for a variety of reasons. One reasons that stands out; our staff knows what outside factors can impact our residents’ overall well-being. One of those factors is warm weather. Soaring temperatures and intense sunlight require extra precautions no matter who you are. Seniors who have dementia require special attention and care during these treacherous conditions.

In this article, we’ll discuss some extra precautions that Verona dementia care specialists must take to protect their residents. After all, the summer heat can be dangerous for the healthiest individuals, which means it is critical that we pay close attention to elderly residents who deal with dementia every day.

Seniors’ Bodies React Differently to the Heat

Dementia is most prevalent in older individuals; and as the body ages, it doesn’t react to the heat as well as it once did. Older individuals do not sweat or perspire as often as younger people, making it more difficult for their body temperature to stay regulated. According to experts in memory care in Verona, individuals who suffer from memory loss are more at risk for dehydration, sunburn, or heat stroke if they don’t receive the proper assistance.

Dementia Care in Verona

Medications Can Make It More Difficult for the Body to Stay Cool

As a leading Verona memory care facility, our staff at Park Vista knows that residents who have dementia may take several different medications at once. Multiple medications can often interfere with the body’s natural abilities, including its ability to stay cool. When medications are consumed, it makes it more challenging for the body to regulate heat. This results in multiple health risks, especially for those who are elderly and suffering from dementia.

The Most Effective Ways to Prevent Overexposure to Seniors

Those who specialize in dementia care in Verona know that there are some simple ways to limit heat exposure to seniors. These include:

  • Drinking lots of fluids – Staying hydrated is one of the keys to remaining healthy during the extreme heat. Seniors should avoid caffeine and sugary drinks when exposed to warm temperatures.
  • Make sure rooms are well ventilated – Utilize ceiling fans and air conditioning to make sure humid air isn’t constantly circulating in the resident’s room. Ventilation is a key component to keeping dementia patients healthy.
  • Wet towel or cloth – By placing a damp cloth around the back of a resident’s neck, you can help regulate their body temperature if they are getting too hot. Wet the cloth as needed for the best results.
  • Taking a shower or bath – By covering the body in lukewarm water, it can immediately get the temperature down to a safer level.
Dementia Care in Verona

Park Vista – The Legacy at Noel Manor, a Premier Verona Dementia Care Facility

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