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Our Senior Living Community in Verona Gives the Top 5 Reasons for Owning a Pet

Are you a cat or a dog person? Do you like dog breath? Do you like the idea of taking care of something? Half of the world likes their pet more than they like humans it seems like. There are pets to fit any type of personality. At our Verona independent living community, we encourage pet ownership because even though it comes with responsibilities, it can help people live longer, happier lives. Pets provide companionship and, for older adults, broadly impact their lives for the better.

If your loved one is considering adopting a pet, our senior living community in Verona is certainly their cheerleader. It does help to understand the benefits to seniors. We have compiled a short list of reasons from our Verona independent living community to illustrate how pet ownership positively affects seniors.

Animals and Humans

When considering a pet for your loved one, consider the exercise needs. Think about the diet and personality. How will it align with a person’s lifestyle in a senior living community in Verona? A dog might be the ticket if a senior needs to exercise but lacks motivation. A cat might be the way to go if a senior needs a cuddler or a less needy pet. A cat is an excellent pet for a wheelchair-bound, independently living senior.

Verona Independent Living Community

Five Benefits of Owning a Pet

  1. A pet supports your social life. It can be hard to stay social and active in our golden year pets often help us to do that.
  2. Pets keep you active and fit. Many pets require time outdoors; they need to be taken for walks or have some social interaction.
  3. Pet ownership gives seniors a sense of purpose. All pets need to be fed, making seniors have to tend to their needs daily.
  4. Pets help reduce stress. According to the staff at Verona independent living community, interacting with animals reduces blood pressure and cortisol levels.
  5. Owning a pet reduces stress. The antics of pets often distract seniors away from aches and pains and remind them of the simpler things in life.

Finding the Right Fit

Our senior living community in Verona is committed to our residents’ health, happiness, and well-being. We want to make it matter for them one day at a time. Recognizing the positive power of pet ownership is part of our living and persistent commitment to your loved one’s happiness in their daily lives. We want to support our residents. We want to give them the tools to build the life they want.

Are you interested in learning more about our Verona independent living community? Contact us today to learn more about our facilities and to set up a tour for you and your pet.

Making it Matter for Our
Residents, Families & Team Members
There are over six million Americans over the age of 65 living with some form of dementia. This is a staggering number of people that will probably need memory care in Verona at some point in their life. They will be cared for by someone in their family and the worst part about this is, the number is increasing. It will be around 12 million by the time we get to the year 2050. That means a very large increase in Verona dementia care, and lots more research is needed to curb the symptoms of the disease. Delaying progress is one of our greatest hopes here at The Legacy at Noel Manor. One of the best ways to do that is to have patients live as independently as they can for as long as possible. We do not want to put them in memory care in Verona until necessary. Communities like The Legacy at Noel Manor are staffed with specially trained dementia care professionals who understand the ins and outs of the disease. For memory care in Verona, there are many emerging therapies that focus on wellness. Art therapy is one that is thought to be particularly good for dementia patients. Benefits of Art Therapy for Verona Dementia Care While there is no cure for dementia there are therapies, there is art therapy. This is thought to have a positive impact on those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Studies from various programs around the globe say that art encourages speech. The colors stir memories and excites the brain. Art focuses on supporting the mind, body and spirit of dementia patient’s overall wellness. Other benefits to Verona dementia care patients include: • A sense of accomplishment • An opportunity for nonverbal expression • Enhanced opportunities for communication • Social interaction with or without verbalization • Behavioral improvements • Increased confidence Finding Support at Memory Care in Verona At The Legacy at Noel Manor we understand the unique needs of our dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. We know what your family is facing, and we want to help you and your family feel safe and happy by providing opportunities to make them feel like themselves, if even for a few moments. Are you interested in learning more about memory care in Verona? We would love to answer your questions. It is an Honor & Privilege to care for those who once cared for us. . Park Vista–The Legacy at Noel Manor, a Premier Verona Memory Care Facility If you have a loved one who is in need of memory care in Verona, Park Vista–The Legacy at Noel Manor is here to help. We provide a caring and nurturing environment for your loved one so that they receive the best possible assistance and treatment. Dedicated certified caregivers provide your loved one with the comprehensive care they need. Our Verona Alzheimer’s care specialists will ensure your loved one gets the support they need. To find out more about our facility, give us a call today at (608) 729-9001 or contact us online for more information.

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