Dementia Care in Verona

Dementia Care in Verona: 3 Ways to Help Seniors Sleep Through the Night

As one of the top facilities for dementia care in Verona, Park Vista knows how challenging it can be for some of our residents to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Dementia often causes sleeping difficulties which makes taking care of the individual more challenging for caregivers. In some cases, dementia results in the individual wanting to get out of bed at night, which disrupts their sleeping routine as well as their caregiver’s schedule.

With years of Verona dementia care under our belts, our team has compiled a list of tips that can help with dementia patients and keeping their normal sleep schedule.

Exercise Every Day

We all know how important exercise is for everyone, but it is even more essential for those who need dementia care in Verona. Light exercise, like walking or stretching, can help get the legs the proper circulation they need. When the legs are constantly moving it reduces the chances of getting restless leg syndrome, which can affect sleep quality.

By exerting energy throughout the day, the body will become more tired at night, thus making it easier for the individual to fall asleep and remain asleep. After a good night’s sleep, it’s good to get in a quick walk in the morning either before or after breakfast.

Dementia Care in Verona

Consistency is a Key Part of Dementia Care in Verona

One of the most effective ways to help a loved one who is dealing with dementia is to keep their schedule as consistent as possible. That means every day should follow a similar routine.

Your loved one should wake up at the same time, eat their meals at the same time, get their daily exercise, and take naps at the same time. You could ask almost any Verona dementia care specialist what the backbone is to dementia treatment; they would likely tell you it’s consistency.

Closely Monitor Your Loved One’s Nap Schedule

Many people believe that insomnia is when you can’t fall asleep. However, that’s not entirely true. Insomnia can often be caused when people sleep too much during the day, which leads to them not being as tired at night. Ideally, most people want to be able to sleep straight through the night, especially anyone who is dealing with dementia.

If your loved one has dementia and is struggling to get a good night’s sleep, we suggest you monitor their nap schedule during the day. You may need to adjust their schedule by reducing their number of naps and the length of each.

Dementia Care in Verona

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