Alzheimer's Care in Verona

The Morning Routine: A Critical Part of Alzheimer’s Care in Verona

If you have a loved one that needs constant Alzheimer’s care in Verona, you know how important it is to have the right plan in place. Alzheimer’s is a disease that many people struggle with, whether it’s the patient, their caregivers, or their loved ones. Although Alzheimer’s does not have a cure, there are several different things that loved ones and caregivers can do to try and make the disease more manageable.

One important piece of Verona Alzheimer’s care is developing routines that work well for everyone involved, especially your loved one. Many Alzheimer’s patients have the best results when they do similar tasks each day, starting with their morning routine.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of developing a morning schedule for Alzheimer’s care in Verona.

Setting the Tone with a Familiar Face

Each day can present a different challenge when it comes to Verona Alzheimer’s care. However, Alzheimer’s patients tend to respond better to a familiar face when they wake up each morning. Their caregiver will be very familiar with your loved one’s likes and dislikes in the morning. Maybe your loved one likes to start the day with a quick stretch or drinking a cup of coffee.

Alzheimer's Care in Verona

Nutrition is Key to Alzheimer’s Care in Verona

Nourishment is a vital part of staying healthy, especially for anyone battling Alzheimer’s. You loved one should start each day with a nutritious breakfast made by their caregiver, whether they receive at-home care or at a Verona memory care facility. Someone battling Alzheimer’s may struggle to buy the proper groceries or cook meals correctly, so it is vital that they have another person to assist with shopping and food preparation.

A Caregiver’s Checklist

A caregiver can create a checklist to go through each morning to help your loved one feel as comfortable as possible. This might include things like making the bed, straightening up the room, doing laundry, or opening the blinds & windows. After completing these items, your caregiver may want to take your loved one on a walk or simply relax for a few minutes and chat. Caregivers know what is best to get the morning started on the right foot.

Caregivers Should Always Double-Check the Medications

Medication errors can be common for those dealing with Alzheimer’s if their daily doses are not closely monitored. Caregivers should conduct a quick review of your loved one’s prescriptions for the day and upcoming days to ensure that the right medications and dosages are being used.

Alzheimer's Care in Verona

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