Alzheimer's Care in Verona

Fun Activities You Can Do with a Loved One Who Has Alzheimer’s

At Park Vista – The Legacy at Noel Manor, we know how challenging it can be when a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Our team is one of the most respected in the area when it comes to Alzheimer’s care in Verona, mainly because we show each resident the care and support they need.

As a top Verona memory care facility, we know that Alzheimer’s will affect your loved one’s daily routine and cause of some very challenging days. We also know that there are still some fun activities you can do with your loved one even after they have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Here are a few of our favorites:

Going for Walks

If your loved one is physically able to go on regular walks, this is a great way to improve circulation and boost energy. Being more physically fit can also enhance mental strength, which we know is crucial for anyone with Alzheimer’s.

Many Verona memory care facilities include wide hallways so residents can walk indoors. There are also outdoor sidewalks that residents can use which are clear of any obstacles or tripping hazards. An outdoor walk is the perfect way to catch up with your loved one while both of you get some healthy exercise.

Alzheimer's Care in Verona

Watering Plants

Many seniors love to keep plants in their rooms. Residents at memory care facilities in Verona enjoy plants because they provide fresh air, sharpen their attention span, and improve their room’s overall appearance. Another reason seniors love plants; they are living things that require attention.

As people age, especially those with Alzheimer’s, their activities and responsibilities become more limited. You and your loved one can regularly water and care for their plants to help your loved one regain a sense of purpose and responsibility.

Work on a Craft Project Together

According to Verona Alzheimer’s care specialists, another way to improve a loved one’s mental capacity is to join them during arts and craft time. Many residents at our Verona memory care facility enjoy knitting, sewing, painting, and a wide variety of other projects. Many of these activities are things that our residents learned a long time ago, yet they can remember how to do them quite well, even while dealing with Alzheimer’s.


Many experts who specialize in Alzheimer’s care in Verona have seen how beneficial music can be for their residents. By listening to their favorite music from the past, it can help bring back fond memories of their childhood and young adult days. We all love music because it can be therapeutic and good for the soul. That’s especially true for individuals with Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer's Care in Verona

At Park Vista – The Legacy at Noel Manor, we will provide a caring and nurturing environment for your loved one. We are one of the area’s top facilities for memory care, dementia care, and Alzheimer’s care in Verona.

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