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Memory Care in Verona: The Prompting Technique

One of the most challenging parts of dealing with a diagnosis of dementia is the loss of your loved one with them right there in front of you. Here in body but the slow loss of their mind. There is no question there will be frustration for both of you, but it is hard for them. Remember that as hard as it is for you to watch, it is also challenging for the dementia patient.

At Park Vista-The Legacy at Noel Manor, we specialize in memory care in Verona. We want to remind you that it may seem like your loved one is refusing to do something to make you angry, but that is not the case. Feeling irritated at them is a normal response but be patient.

Our staff specializes in dementia care in Verona, and we want to explain how to support a person without completely taking over for them. Use a technique called prompting. This can foster a new relationship between the two of you. Whether you continue caregiving at home or move them into memory care in Verona, this technique is helpful. It helps keep the two of you from getting frustrated and makes the person with dementia preserve their abilities and try to cooperate.

Prompting, according to specialists in dementia care in Verona, refers to the verbal, physical, or gesture cue to indicate what the person with dementia is expected to do next. The process is similar to movements stored in long-term muscle memory.

Memory Care in Verona: The Prompting Technique

Here are some types of prompting that can help with memory care in Verona:

  • Transition: When you make eye contact with them and explain the time of day and what you should be doing, for example, “Good morning, you must be hungry!” Prompting them to make food.
  • Verbal: Giving step by step directions.
  • Gesture: Pointing to an object or touching your loved one, reminding them to take action.
  • Demonstration: Show them what you’d like them to do even if they have done it before, like brushing their teeth.
  • Hand-over-Hand: Here, you place your hand over that of your loved one to guide the desired action from beginning to end.
  • Hand-under-Hand: Providing more assistance than hand-over-hand, this technique consists of hooking your thumb under your loved ones to take them through the physical action of the task while you are doing it.

People living with dementia can experience several fluctuations daily. Sometimes this is overwhelming for caregivers. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for dementia care in Verona. We understand what you are going through sometimes, your loved one can do something in the morning, and they can’t do it in the afternoon. Call Park Vista–The Legacy at Noel Manor, and we will figure out how to help you.

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Memory Care in Verona: The Prompting Technique

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