Great Eating at our Senior Living Community in Verona

Great Eating at our Senior Living Community in Verona–The senior population is often the most vulnerable to illnesses and diseases. They are more susceptible to the common flu, and chronic diseases are always a concern among the senior living community in Verona. However, the importance of socialization among the seniors at our Madison area senior living facility is crucial for their health.

One of the best ways for seniors to stay engaged with each other is through food. It brings them together, gives them time to talk to one another, and encourages more food intake. Food intake for the residents at our senior living community in Verona helps them maintain a healthy weight, keep their immune systems strong, and make their overall health better.

Our Verona senior living community wants to share these statistics with you:

  • Eating “socially” has a powerful effect on increasing food intake. Studies found that those eating with others ate up to 48% more food than solo diners.
  • Some studies have correlated eating alone with poorer dining habits than eating socially!
  • The National Academy of Medicine found that 80-90% of the contributors to healthy medical outcomes could potentially be attributed to social factors.
  • 70% of senior living prospects are willing or would prefer to eat a meal with new acquaintances rather than alone.
  • 59% of prospects who self-reported their health to be “good to excellent” also agreed they were a “people-person.”

Our Madison, WI area senior living community wants you to consider these statistics. Seniors or the residents at Noel Manor would rather eat with a stranger than alone. 70% of them. That is a telling fact. If you want to learn more about our senior living community in Verona where we always give the opportunity for shared meals, contact us today.

In addition to providing a safer living environment, transportation, access to care, and nutritious food, Noel Manor Retirement Living encourages social connections. Our staff actively works to create a healthy environment for your loved one. We want them to enjoy nutritious meals while sharing their time with other wonderful people.

Noel Manor Retirement Living, The Perfect Community for Senior Living in the Madison Area

At Noel Manor, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of provided amenities when you tour the grounds at our senior retirement community in Verona. One thing is always a guarantee; you will experience a caring and nurturing environment that will make you feel like an essential part of our Verona community.  All our campuses are pet friendly and offer a wide range of beauty salons and barber services to ease your stress. There is even a happy hour at almost every location!

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