How to Plan for the Future After a Loved One is Diagnosed with Dementia

Dementia Care in Verona

A dementia diagnosis for your loved one can be shocking and overwhelming for everyone involved. You and your loved one may feel devastated initially, but after you take some time to let reality set in, it’s time to start thinking ahead. As a leading facility that specializes in dementia care in Verona, The Legacy at Noel Manor is here to help.

This article will provide some helpful tips on planning for the future and provide the best care possible for your loved one. We will cover what to do in the upcoming days and how to handle different items as your loved one’s condition worsens. Our staff specializes in Verona dementia care, and we want to help you make the best out of this extremely difficult situation.

Making Health Care Plans

In most situations, significant signs of dementia do not settle in immediately. So, your loved one will still initially have the presence of mind to make important decisions about their future. They should think about what types of medical decisions they want to make and document them. This may include which Verona memory care facility they would like to receive treatment at.

There are two important documents to consider that your loved one should arrange to fill out:
· Living Will – This lets doctors know how to treat a patient if they are dying, unconscious, and are no longer able to make decisions for themselves.
· Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care – This document names someone as a “proxy,” and that person can make medical decisions for someone who is unable to do so.

Dementia Care in Verona

Financial Planning

A key part of early planning for dementia is making a plan for your loved one’s finances. They may want their estate to be divided amongst multiple people after they pass away. So, it is essential that this is documented by legal professionals before your loved one’s health declines and requires constant dementia care in Verona. There are also some key documents that will help ensure your loved one’s financial wishes are followed. These include:

· A Will – This document will determine how a person’s contents are distributed after they pass. It may include Verona dementia care arrangements, funeral arrangements, and burial directions.
· A Durable Power of Attorney for Finances – This document allows a designated person to make financial decisions for someone who is unable to do so themselves.
· A Living Trust – This document designates a trustee to distribute property and funds on someone’s behalf when they are not able to do so.

Dementia Care in Verona

Other Helpful Tips

Getting things done early in the diagnosis is helpful for all parties involved. Make sure you keep all close family members informed about any big decisions that are being made.

Also, if your loved one has gotten all the necessary paperwork done that we listed earlier, keep that in a central spot with someone you trust. It is wise to lock all important documents in a safe or a safety deposit box until it is needed.

Lastly, make copies of all health care directives (such as your loved one’s wishes for dementia or Alzheimer’s care in Verona). Make sure copies of all medical documents are placed in your loved one’s future medical files.

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A dementia diagnosis can be devastating news for your family, and it requires professional care to help you all get through these difficult times. At Park Vista–The Legacy at Noel Manor, we’re here to help. Give us a call today at (608) 620-6010, or you can contact us online for more information.