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Thanksgiving Travel Tips for Individuals Who Receive Alzheimer’s Care in Verona, Part 1

As one of the most respected facilities for Alzheimer’s care in Verona, our staff at The Legacy at Noel Manor knows that the holidays can be tough. As Thanksgiving approaches, families will want to come visit their loved ones who reside at Verona memory care facilities and spend the holiday with them.

In some cases, families may wish to travel with a loved one who requires regular treatment from Verona Alzheimer’s care specialists. Traveling with someone impacted by Alzheimer’s will likely come with a series of challenges that you need to be aware of. Fortunately, our team at The Legacy at Noel Manor in Verona is here to help.

Here are some important things to remember when traveling this Thanksgiving with someone who is battling Alzheimer’s.

Contact the Company That You Will Be Traveling With

If you are traveling a long distance, you will likely be flying, riding a bus, or traveling by train. If that is the case, it is critical that you notify these travel companies that you will be traveling with someone who receives regular Alzheimer’s care in Verona. You should immediately make these travel companies aware of any travel concerns you might have.

Your loved one may have special needs for traveling a long distance, such as being more comfortable in a window or aisle seat. Knowing this, you should let your plane, bus, or train company know about your loved one’s preferences. This will make traveling much less stressful for everyone involved.

Alzheimer's Care in Verona

Get Information About Passenger Screening Procedures

When you contact your airline, bus company, or train company, make sure you have a complete understanding of their passenger screening procedures. You can explain these procedures to your loved one ahead of time so they know what to expect. You can even conduct a practice screening at their Verona memory care facility before you travel.

Make Sure the Timing of Your Trip is a Good Fit

As one of the top facilities for Alzheimer’s care in Verona, we know that each resident is different. Some function more productively in the morning, while others seem to do better in the evening. Whenever your loved one is at their best, that’s when you should travel. This gives you the best chance at having a smooth trip to your Thanksgiving destination.

We hope you found these tips helpful for your Thanksgiving travel plans. Be sure to check out our next blog, which will feature three more travel tips from our staff at The Legacy at Noel Manor – one of the top Verona memory care facilities.

Alzheimer's Care in Verona

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