Dementia Care in Verona

Verona Dementia Care: Routine is Critical

Anyone who has been impacted by dementia knows how difficult the road can be, even for those who specialize in dementia care in Verona. This disease can present daily struggles that lead to frustration for the person with the disease and the people trying to help.

Here at Park Vista–The Legacy at Noel Manor, we know one of the most challenging aspects of dementia is when the individual begins to lose their independence and control. According to our Verona dementia care specialists, one of the most effective things you can do during this time is establish a daily routine –– and we’ll explain why.

The Importance of a Routine When Dealing with Dementia

During the early stages of dementia, Verona memory care specialists recommend establishing a routine to help the individual go about their day in a predictable way. A routine or a schedule can add order and structure to each day, which becomes critical when the individual loses awareness of time.

Another important factor to consider is long-term memory versus short-term memory. Dementia typically impacts short-term memory first, but routines are often stored in a person’s long-term memory. So, in the early and middle stages of dementia, sticking to a routine is much more attainable.

Dementia Care in Verona

Stick to Familiar Activities

During the early stages of dementia, the patient knows that eventually they’ll lose the ability to do familiar tasks. Knowing this, it makes it even more important that they complete their daily activities for as long as possible. Memory care facilities in Verona will work with patients to complete their regular exercises and daily tasks each day. They’ll continue to do this for as many days as possible before the disease becomes too overwhelming.

Some of these familiar activities could include different workouts that involve balance, lifting light weights, stretching, or various other light activities. Completing these tasks can help reinforce the individual’s independence and boost their self-esteem. Keeping the individual motivated during this process is a critical piece of dementia care in Verona.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety for Everyone

Verona dementia care specialists know that this disease can lead to anxious times for the individual. However, a routine can help a person take on each day with a calm and peaceful attitude. By starting each day with a schedule, it provides more security for the individual.

A well-planned routine also benefits the caregiver, who will likely go through lots of ups and downs during the process. By creating a more predictable environment, the days will go by more smoothly. By keeping the individual less agitated, it allows for a more rewarding experience for all parties involved.

Dementia Care in Verona

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