Alzheimer's Care in Verona

Family Celebrations: Including People with Dementia

It happens every year, you have a big cookout for Memorial Day, and your grandmother is receiving Alzheimer’s care in Verona. You are so excited she is living so close. You want her included in all of your family activities. Your plans are big. Your plans are to invite everyone over to meet her, you ask your daughter to bring her new baby. You ask your son to bring his guitar to play some music, you have celebrated this way for decades. This will be the perfect way to spend your time.

Well, until it is not. Experts who specialize at memory care in Verona will tell you that while it is lovely to include your grandparent, it is overwhelming to someone who is battling dementia. What is looked at as fun for the family may not be the best practice for someone receiving treatment at a Verona dementia care facility. Even though your heart is in the right place, it may just be too much.

Making Plans for the Gathering

One of the things to consider when planning something like this is location. Visit your grandparent at their Verona Alzheimer’s care facility and get a sense of what they are comfortable with. The time of day is something else to take into consideration––usually you should plan things early in the day for people suffering from memory loss.

Alzheimer's Care in Verona

Family Involvement: How can Family Participate in Memory Care in Verona?

If you have a grandparent or parent receiving Alzheimer’s care in Verona, it is very challenging to explain the progression of the disease to younger kids. The disease affects everyone in the family, but it can be hardest on those who are young to understand.

It is important you explain that their grandmother or grandfather is receiving Verona memory care treatment. Remind young people that even though their grandparent may do or say things that they didn’t use to, that you still love them. Remember, many people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s enjoy being around the little ones.

Even though the grandparent is receiving Verona Alzheimer’s care, there are lots of activities they can still do with the younger kids. Plan your visits, and come with activities, sometimes when you have a plan, things go smoother and are more meaningful for everyone. Here are a few activities they could do together:

  • Craft projects
  • Listen and sing songs or music they are familiar with
  • Look at old photos and things you used to do together
  • Read familiar stories or short stories
  • Make slime or play with play-doh
  • Bake a cake with supervision
  • Take a walk around the facility  
  • Work on a small gardening project
Alzheimer's Care in Verona

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