The Most Common Medicines Prescribed to Treat Alzheimer’s

You may know someone who is battling Alzheimer’s and requires Alzheimer’s care in Verona. If so, you know just how difficult this disease can be. Alzheimer’s has many stages with later stages that are more severe. Consult with your doctor and other medical professionals if you or someone you know is dealing with the effects of this disease.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s currently, but research continues to try and find the best ways to manage its symptoms. One strategy that can provide temporary relief to people battling Alzheimer’s is medication. There are Alzheimer’s drugs that, when prescribed, may be able to temporarily help with memory loss, thinking, reasoning, and everyday functions.

In this article, we’ll list some of the benefits of using Alzheimer’s medication to slow down the disease. Please note, as one of the area’s top facilities for Verona Alzheimer’s care, our team at Park Vista-The Legacy at Noel Manor knows that medication may not be effective for all Alzheimer’s patients. These are some common medications that have been prescribed to Alzheimer’s patients and have helped some of them slow down the progression of this disease.

There are two drugs currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration specifically to treat Alzheimer’s. They are:

  • Cholinesterase Inhibitors
  • Memantine
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Some Information About Cholinesterase Inhibitors

As one of the top memory care facilities in Verona, our team at Park Vista is well aware of how Alzheimer’s can harm the brain. Alzheimer’s decreases the levels of chemical messengers that are essential for alertness, judgment, memory, and thought. Cholinesterase inhibitors help to boost the amount of chemical messengers available to nerve cells. This helps to prevent breakdown in the brain.
Unfortunately, cholinesterase inhibitors only provide a temporary form of Alzheimer’s care in Verona. They do eventually lose their effectiveness as the brain cells dwindle down. As the disease continues to progress, the brain cells produce fewer chemical messengers. Cholinesterase inhibitors’ most important function is to slow down Alzheimer’s as much as possible.

Some Information About Memantine

One medication used further down the road for Verona Alzheimer’s care is memantine. It is used for moderate to severe cases of Alzheimer’s by regulating a messenger chemical that is widely used in brain functionality known as glutamate. Memantine can be taken as a pill or syrup. It can also be combined with donepezil in some instances if prescribed by a medical professional.
As the disease progresses, Verona memory care facilities will continue to work with a patient’s doctors and family members to adjust the doses to try and slow down the disease as much as possible. Taking Alzheimer’s drugs can be frustrating because it’s difficult to know if they are effective.

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